Our team, ethos, and commitment

Tutors and support staff are made up of a number of talented artists who work full time and as freelancers with our company. We have music production and technology tutors, a DJ tutor, a vocal coach and support staff who all have experience and knowledge of working in social and youth work environments.

We have been working alongside various organizations developing and delivering a wide variety of bespoke training programmes and projects for major superstar artists, students from government sub-vented design institute, secondary schools and adults.

These organizations include Hong Kong Design Institute , and some secondary schools to name but a few. Our expertise and commitment as both professional music tutors and as experienced youth workers give us an advantage when delivering the type of projects listed.

We assess students by their practical ability and not the academic ability that is based on systems such as written examinations.

We are a contracted music company with Warner/Chappell Music, H.K. Ltd. since 2001 and a member of Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong Limited (CASH) since 1994.


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We have links within the music industry and also provide music business seminars where we draw attention to issues such as contract law, royalties, publishing and negotiating recording contracts we also invite representatives of different major record companies to feed their input into the seminars.

Our commitment and goal are to inspire and develop young peoples self-esteem, confidence and empower them to be creative by engaging them with some fun yet challenging learning. I hope you find what we do interesting and identify that we can help young people in areas where conventional education can sometimes fail.

Should our programmes not suit your organization’s specific requirements we would value the feedback as we strive to offer the most rewarding opportunities to both young people involved in projects of this nature.

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