Bass station

James Ting aka ‘Triggersoniq” is proud to present his latest created software synthesizer, Bad AsStation, a virtual Bass Station synthesizer instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt.



Originally launched in 1993, Bass Station’s roaring oscillators and glowing analogue signal path defined numberless dance and electronic hits. With the help of advance sampling technology, the iconic sound of the modern classic is now ready as a Kontakt instrument.

The highly tweakable little monster can create a wide range of sound, from deep fat bass, screeching leads to special effect. The mix of refined original and stunning fresh sounds create the warmth and resonance which is absent in today’s digital synths.

Chorus Tape Echo

Bad AsStation features

  • Create authentic analogue bass sound powered by 12 Round Robin samples working behind the twin oscillators.
  • Create extreme lead sound with attitude, modulate synth audio signal just like the original hardware.
  • Create special effect, wobble bass sound with the extended modulations like LFO and Envelope Generator.
  • Spice up your tracks and mixes with some classic synthesizer tone and warmth.
  • Process and create unlimited synth sound with dedicated “Chorus Tape Echo” Multi Effect unit.
  • Start producing your own track with the 100 factory sound presets, or you can easily create your own sound sets.

Bad AsStation is available for purchase for $60 USD at

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