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aoushh Ableton live is a real-time audio production tool that eliminates the boundaries between composition, performance, recording and sound design. You can easily combine loops, phrases and songs from diverse origins. Create music on the fly, without being bound to a fixed timeline. You can improvise song arrangements, instantly drop samples on cue, and interact with other performers, musicians or DJs, record, multi-track audio or real-time loops. Instantly change the tempo, melody, groove and sonic signature of your sounds at any time. Live 9 can combine all of these possibilities in a simple and friendly environment that lets your creativity flow without limitations.

This is an exciting and intensive 2-day crash course that’s been designed for for complete beginners or people looking to enhance their existing knowledge of Ableton. You will be assigned a workstation and will go through the subjects necessary to use Ableton in an efficient and productive manner. The objective of the course is to enable the student to produce songs in their preferred style using the software including its instruments and processors.

You can take this course either in a small group or on a one to one basis. The course is very intensive but still fun and can be taken over one or two days during weekdays, evenings or weekends. You also have the option of studying this course on a one to one basis where you can change the course content and timetable to suit your personal requirements.

This course is also particularly suitable for people who are thinking of purchasing a home studio or PC workstation but have yet to decide what soundcard, keyboard or software would be the most suitable for their needs. Our tutors and advisors are able to offer informed and impartial advice that will help you choose the best combination of hardware and software to suit your budget.

For further information regarding this or any other course please contact us at here and an advisor will be happy to assist you.

Snapshot of what you will learn during the course


music production hong kong live 9Introduction to Ableton

– integrating Ableton with soundcards and PUSH controller, keyboards to enhance a DJ set

Session view

– the main window for looping, mixing, adding effects, jamming and even DJ’ing

Sound editing

– using Ableton to manipulate and edit audio files, samples and loops

Virtual instruments

– using and editing software instruments and sounds found within Ableton

Using samplers

– Learn to manipulate sample cd’s to create unique drum loops and sound libraries.

Creating and editing parts

– creating melodies, basslines and beat programming using the various editors

Basic song structure

– producing and arranging your songs in Ableton using the editors and tools

Recording audio

– learning how to record audio such as vocals and guitars

Mixing and mastering

– adding effects such as reverb and understanding dynamic processors such as compressors

push maschineMaschine Live Jam

– Learn how to make a live electronic jam DJ section with PUSH controller and N.I. Maschine


Course Fee

1 day (5 hours) one to one HK$3250
2 day (10 hours) one to one HK$6300
2 day (10 hours) group course HK$4800



how long does the course last? the course lasts for just one or two days for the one to one course.

What time of the day do I attend the course? For one to one courses, it’s your decision, we have morning, afternoon and evening slots in our timetable, we are open 10am to 10pm Monday to Friday and 12-5pm on weekends. Group courses are on weekends starting at 12pm and finishing at 5pm.

Can I really learn that much in a single weekend? Yes you can, our crash courses are structured to be intensive yet informative and students gain a great deal of knowledge from them. We constantly monitor the content and delivery of all our courses and if they didn’t work we wouldn’t be running them!

Can I pay in installments? unfortunately, we are unable to offer payment plans at present but we sometimes accept installments in certain circumstances. Contact us to discuss this in more detail.

What’s next? if you would like to enroll, contact us at here and we will do the rest!

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