Course Target:

Finish 3 Songs and Master the Art of Electronic Music Production in 100 Hrs.

  • Comprehensive guidance through the electronic music production process
  • Studio setup: Hardware and software equipment setup instruction
  • Beat-making: Learn techniques for creating compelling beats
  • Music arrangement: Master the art of arranging music for maximum impact
  • Sound design: Dive into creating unique and captivating sounds
  • Mixing and mastering: Learn the intricacies of mixing and mastering your tracks
  • Expert instruction and hands-on learning
  • Build skills and gain confidence as an electronic music producer
  • Showcase your talent and create a portfolio of outstanding songs and more!

Course Format:

Virtual Studio (1 on 1) and Studio Field Trip to Tokyo / Hong Kong

  • Unique blend of online and offline learning experiences
  • Majority of the course takes place in our state-of-the-art virtual studio
  • Personalized 1-on-1 mentorship and guidance from expert instructors
  • Access to a virtual studio for honing skills and achieving musical goals
  • Exciting opportunity for an offline studio field trip include Tokyo or Hong Kong
  • Hands-on experience in a commercial recording and mixing studio
  • Immersive experience for added inspiration and practical learning

Welcome to the flagship program of EBIAS Music Production, the “Electronic Music Pro Mastercourse“.
This comprehensive and immersive course is designed to ignite your passion for electronic music production,
and equip you with the skills and knowledge to thrive in the industry.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to embark on a musical journey or an experienced producer aiming to refine your craft, our Electronic Music Pro Mastercourse is tailored to meet your needs. Led by industry professionals, this course will take you on a transformative exploration of music production, from inception to completion.

Through a dynamic blend of online and offline learning experiences, you’ll dive into the world of sound design, beat-making, music arrangement, mixing, remixing and mastering. Our state-of-the-art virtual studio will provide you with personalized 1-on-1 mentorship and guidance, while our studio field trip to Tokyo or Hong Kong will offer you a hands-on experience in a commercial recording and mixing studio.

By the end of this course, you’ll have accomplished the remarkable milestone of finishing a mini album consisting of at least three professionally crafted songs, showcasing your growth as an electronic music producer. Whether you aspire to create infectious beats, captivate listeners with innovative sound design, or master the art of mixing and mastering, the Electronic Music Pro Mastercourse is your gateway to unlocking your creative potential.

music production course hong kong

The Art of Synthesis and Advanced Beat-Making

Explore the Depths of Sound Design

In the world of electronic music production, sound design is paramount. Our mastercourse takes you beyond the basics and delves into the realms of synthesis. From subtractive synthesis to wavetable, granular, additive, and frequency modulated synthesis, you’ll learn a wide range of techniques to shape and manipulate sounds. Additionally, we’ll cover advanced beat-making techniques, sampling, resampling, glitch, and more, allowing you to develop your unique sonic palette.

Embracing A.I. in Music Production:

To stay abreast with the rapid advancements in the music industry, our course also includes a module on how to utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) in song creation. Experience how AI can bolster your creative process, redefine traditional Music Production boundaries, and enrich your creativity.

Elevate Your Sound with Advanced Techniques

Master the Secrets of Electronic Music Production

As you progress through the program, you’ll delve even deeper into sound design. We’ll introduce you to additive, wavetable, and Max4Live devices, unlocking a world of endless creative possibilities. Furthermore, advanced sampling, warping, and the effective use of Racks & Chains will be explored. By the end of this module, you’ll possess the skills to apply your sound design expertise to various mediums, including games, YouTube, film, and TV.

Unleash Your Creative Potential on Stage

From Studio to Live Performance

The thrill of performing your music live is unparalleled. In our Live Performance section, we focus on helping you finish your projects and provide bespoke advice through concentrated mentoring sessions. We’ll introduce you to performing with Ableton Live using the innovative Push controller, taking your live performances to the next level. Additionally, we’ll incorporate DJ learning into the course, inviting you to join our virtual club stages and even become a part of our DJ roster if you have the experience.

Learn Anywhere with EBIAS Cyber Studio:

The EBIAS Cyber Studio adds an element of convenience to your learning journey. This cutting-edge virtual platform offers interactive music production courses online, ensuring you never miss out on learning, no matter where you are.

Field Trip to Tokyo or Hong Kong Studios

As part of our program, we offer a unique opportunity to embark on a field trip to our commercial recording and mixing studio. You’ll have access to state-of-the-art equipment and the chance to experiment with vintage analog synths and processors, infusing your tracks with authentic analog sounds.

*Please note that the accommodation fee, including airfare and hotel, is NOT included in the course fee.

Prepare for Success in the Digital Age

Master the Business of Music

To thrive as an electronic music producer, it’s essential to understand the business side of the industry. In our final module, we’ll equip you with the knowledge of EPKs (Electronic Press Kits), branding, music publishing, digital distribution, and social media strategies for artists.

Exclusive Licensing Partnerships and Specialized Assets

Unlock Valuable Resources

Thanks to our exclusive licensing partnerships, we offer a wide range of specialized assets to enhance your learning experience. From synthesizers and effects to high-quality samples, these resources empower you to produce music side by side with industry professionals. Many of these products are yours to keep, and others are available for exclusive upgrades at a fraction of their regular price, adding significant value to our Producer and Academy courses.


Embark on a transformative journey into the world of electronic music production with EBIAS Music’s Mastercourse. With our immersive learning experience, flexible schedule, real-time interaction, and customizable content, you’ll acquire the skills and knowledge needed to excel in this dynamic industry. From mastering leading software to honing your sound design expertise and preparing for live performances, our comprehensive program will empower you to unleash your creative potential and achieve success in the ever-evolving realm of electronic music.

Join us on this incredible adventure and make your mark in the world of electronic music production.

Electronic Music Production Mastercourse

COURSE FEES ( 100 hours )
One to one: HK$98,600 per student 

This course is currently only available on request basis. You are able to enroll on this course at anytime.

How long does the course last? for one to one courses the timetable is determined by the student where he/she picks the days/weeks that suits their lifestyle. For example if you were to complete the course over the usual schedule it would take around 1 year. (2 hrs session x 50 weeks)

How many days? this is the students decision guided by our tutors (one to one course only). For example, most people attend the course for 1 session (2 Hrs) per week for 50 weeks but some people prefer to study for 2 days per week for 25 weeks. Timetables are flexible and you are in control.

What time of the day do I attend the course? it is your decision, we have morning, afternoon and evening slots in our timetable, we are open 10am to 10pm Monday to Friday and 12-5pm on weekends.

Can I change the content of the course? yes you can, the outline above is simply a guide. It’s your course and you decide what subjects you want to learn with expert guidance from our experienced tutors (only available for one to one courses).

Can I pay in installments? unfortunately we are unable to offer payment plans at present


Dedication, Passion, Humour and Patience!

Thank you for your dedication, passion, humour and patience!

This is an epic musicial work and a very spiritual journey, and you are the man behind this!!

Artist: Pong Nan
East Asia Music (Holdings) Limited

Thanks for all your hard work!

Thanks for your time and effort man!

Artist: Fiona Sit
Warner Music Hong Kong

James’ explanation was polite.

I was able to get a glimpse of the user’s usage situation. James’ explanation was polite, so I was able to follow along, but it was difficult to match the rhythm (sound) and make it sound like a song, and I felt the need for a sense of style.


Pioneer DJ (Japan Headquarters)

“神魂顛倒 Head Over Heels”

Brilliant Music Arrangement and Intro! Thank you!

Artist: Joey Yung
Emperor Entertainment Group

It was a great Success!

Thank you so much with your help!

It was a great Success! The Students enjoyed it!


Enjoy this great tune!

As a finale of our #WorldMusicDay celebrations, out staff have learnt the basics to compose and mix music with DJ/Producer JAMES TING.

Well done for creating a unique piece integrating our corporate music “Motion” from the artist Rone!


Turn Beats into Diamond & Gold!

Some clips of my hiphop music experience, the song is called Bobo Fan.

Written by me and supported + recorded by Sifu James!

Dennis Chan

Integrating Artificial Intelligence with Contemporary Education

Thank you so much!

It really helped us a lot!

Looking forward to the next session!

I was able to learn the process of music making, and the first hand experience is valuable!

Microsoft Beijing Headquarters

Learning & Inspirations!

Creative work is possible and I got inspiration that seems to be useful for my composing hobby.  James’ personality was nice.

The allocation of work time and instructions were relaxed and very good.



Pioneer DJ (Japan Headquarters)

I achieved my personal goal !!

I was able to make some music with Ableton and I want to continue messing around with Ableton in my spare time.


Pioneer DJ (Japan Headquarters)


Thanks a lot for this great music session! (ROCK❣)

Magali Zylberberg

Just the right level of difficulty

It was just the right level of difficulty for me because you took the time to create each sound source and James Ting will be there and answered questions each time.

I thought it would be good to hold a course for those who want to do it after regular hours, like a club activity, for both DJing and song production.



Pioneer DJ (Japan Headquarters)

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