DJ skills crash course

Course overview

With the increasing numbers of dj’s looking for slots in clubs and bars in the world, a complete and intuitive training course becomes essential. You can spend hours, days and weeks in a frustrating attempt to understand techniques such as beat mixing and scratching.

This is an exciting and intensive 2-day crash course that’s suitable for complete beginners or people looking to enhance their existing skills. We can teach you how to DJ whether you prefer to use vinyl, cd’s or mp3’s and you will learn on the very latest industry standard equipment, including the Serato, Ableton 9, Technics SL1200 turntables, Pioneer DJM600 mixers to name a few.

Whatever music genre you’re into, whether it’s trance, electro, house, hip hop, r n’ b or drum ‘n bass, we can teach you all the basic skills needed to start mixing and DJ’ing in clubs and bars. If you are looking to DJ professionally or as an enjoyable hobby you will soon be mixing and scratching your favourite records. Whether you choose to learn in a small group of 4 people or take the one to one option, will receive practical hands on tuition from day one. If you choose the option of studying this course on a one to one basis you can change the course content and timetable to suit your personal requirements.

On the second day you will record and master a professional mix cd utilising the skills gained during the course.

This course is also very good if you want advice on how to promote and run your events in a professional manner. It is also particularly suitable for people who are thinking of purchasing a DJ set up or computer but have yet to decide on a package that would be the most suitable for their needs. Our tutors and advisors are able to offer informed and impartial advice that will help you choose the best combination of hardware and software to suit your budget.

For further information regarding this or any other course please contact us at here and an advisor will be happy to assist you.

Snapshot of what you will learn during the course


 – what equipment and software is used by the modern DJ such as turntables, mixers, laptops and headphones

Music structure

 – count beats/bars and their relevance to mixing, structures such as verses, choruses and basslines

Beat matching

 – how to beat match, cueing and synchronizing two basic rhythms/beats together

Mixing techniques

 – blend one record into another in one seamless motion and using the faders, equalisers and filters


 – making your set sound professional by using kill switches and applying effects such as reverb’s and phasers

Mix CD production

– record and edit a mastered mix of your dj set using editing software such as Ableton Live


Course fees

1 day (5 hours) one to one HK$3250
2 day (10 hours) one to one HK$6300
2 day (10 hours) group course HK$4800



how long does the course last? The course lasts for just one or two days for the one to one version and two days for the group course.

What time of the day do I attend the course? the course starts at 13.00 and finishes around 18.00

Can I really learn that much in a single weekend? Yes you can, our crash courses are structured to be intensive yet informative and students gain a great deal of knowledge from them. We constantly monitor the content and delivery of all our courses and if they didn’t work we wouldn’t be running them!

Can I pay in installments? unfortunately we are unable to offer payment plans at present.

What’s next? if you would like to enroll, contact us at here and we will do the rest!


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