Music Production Hong Kong 


Music production hong kong


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Special Promotion:

Enroll any of these one on one private course and  receive a copy of latest software plugin 

from Certified “Logic Pro Trainer” James Ting.





Music Production: Beginners

A comprehensive 8 weeks course aimed at the entry level student with little or no experience of music software hardware. 

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Music Production: Intermediate
An 8 week course for students with basic experience of music software and hardware.
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2 days Music Production
A one to one crash course in music production where you learn through the process of creating your own song.
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5 days Music Production 
Five or ten day music production course taught through intensive individual one to one tuition.
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Logic Pro X 
1 or 2 days for people wanting to use this powerful music software for Mac.

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Ableton Live
A one or two day course working with Ableton Live.
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DJ set

DJ Skills for beginners
Learn to DJ in just two days using vinyl, MP3’s and CD’swith our exciting and fun DJ crash course for beginners. 
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DJ Production 2 days crash course
DJ production two day crash course in dj skills and music production.
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DJ Production 5 days crash course
An advanced DJ production crash course in dj techniques, music production and remixing.
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