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May 22, 2014


SHINE – Passion Live

Shine出道十年2012年跨年演出首個紅館演唱會 “SHINE PASSION LIVE” ( Blu-ray Disc ) 全長159 分鐘 特別收錄 4 tracks special feature :- 1. 伊莉莎伯太遲來 2. 12.31.2012 Countdown 3. 祖與占 reprise 4. 愛迪生 (MV) * 高畫質 及 高質音效 藍光光碟 (BD50) 隱藏式 繁體 中文字幕 ‧HD全高清1920 X 1080拍攝 ‧dts HD Master Audio 5.1 24bit/96kHz ‧Dolby Digital Stereo 5.1 24bit/48k Hz ‧Un-compressed PCM 2.0 24bit/96kHz 01. 半成年 02. 兩個龍捲風 03. Superstar 04. 曼谷瑪利亞 05. 天又藍 06. 東涌日和 07. 熊貓 08. 愛迪生 09. 一一 10. 避雨 11. 取消資格 12. 極速傳說 13. 唱這歌 14. 男人最痛 15. 鼎鼎大名 16. 流星月台 17. 情人 18. 濤聲依舊 + 茶餐廳 19. 祖與占 20. 舊生會旅行 21. 俗 22. 簡單而隆重 23. Power Medley (去吧!旺角揸FIT人+活著VIVA+心急人上+坦克車+打得火熱) 24. 第二春 25. 勁愛你(Featuring黃偉文) 26. 燕尾碟 27. 十八相送 Special Feature: 01. 伊莉莎伯太遲來 02. 12.31.2012 Countdown 03. 祖與占 reprise 04. 愛迪生 Music Video

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Shine's Tsui Tin Yau and Wong Yau Nam regrouped to great fanfare in the past year with a series of sold-out concerts. The duo ascended to the Hong Kong Coliseum stage for the first time with their Shine Passion Live tour on December 31, 2012 and January 1, 2013, ringing in the new year with appreciative fans who have followed them for the past decade. They performed many of their hit songs like "Swallowtail Butterfly," "Joe and Jim," "Bangkok Maria," "Semi-Mature" and "Panda," and also covered Canto-pop classics like "Legend of Speed,""Man's Most Painful" and "Lover." Frequent collaborator Wyman Wong, who facilitated Shine's comeback last year by inviting them to perform at his showcase concert, made a guest appearance.