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Revolution – 2R

CD 01. 夾嘴形 02. 新世界 03. 大寵愛 04. 兩敗俱傷 05. 啱啱 06. 第二個家 07. 模範男孩(國語) 08. 戀愛星期天(國語) 09. 數到三(國語) 10. 愛了就例外(國語) Bonus Track 11. 夾嘴形 (癲Dut Mix) Bonus VCD 01. 夾嘴形 02. 新世界 03. 啱啱

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Time for Revolution! It has been a year since this pair of gorgeous sisters, Race and Rosanne, released their last album United. Now in Revolution, this stunning duo is going to bombard you with their astounding music. Just as revolutionary are their images - Rosanne as princess and Race as clown! Their music revolution consists of 6 Cantonese and 4 mandarin songs, and 2R have made some breakthroughs in singing rock and up-tempo songs in this album. Their refreshing tune "New World" is going to tell you what a new woman in the modern era really thinks. The Limited Edition comes with a Bonus VCD with 3 MVs and also 5 mini posters as a treat to all 2R fans!