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December 23, 2013


Sammi Cheng – Love Is Love

  • Sammi Cheng - Love Is Love

愛。純粹。簡單 愛就是愛 鄭秀文 繼“FAITH”後 4年首張廣東大碟 “Love Is Love”(CD + DVD) 推介歌曲:- “荒漠甘泉” “一追再追” “天生一半” “Do Re Mi” ([電影:高海拔之戀] 主題曲) “盲愛”合唱 劉德華 ([電影:盲探] 主題曲) CD 01. 荒漠甘泉 02. 天生一半 03. 一追再追 (「本可改變的結局」 The Revertible End 主題曲) 04. 火宅之人 05. 朝聖 06. 與神對話 07. 原始武器 ([電影:爆3俏嬌娃] 主題曲) 08. From Ashes to Beauty 09. Do Re Mi ([電影:高海拔之戀] 主題曲) 10. 盲愛 (合唱:劉德華) ([電影:盲探] 主題曲) 11. 起哄 DVD 01. 荒漠甘泉 (MV) 02. 天生一半 (MV) 03. 朝聖 (MV) 04. 原始武器 [電影:爆3俏嬌娃] (MV) 05. Do Re Mi [電影:高海拔之戀] (MV) 06. 盲愛 (合唱:劉德華) [電影:盲探] (MV)

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Making a comeback four years after her gospel album, Sammi Cheng preaches love instead of faith in this Cantonese album Love Is Love. The Hong Kong diva has been busy shooting movies but fans can be reassured that she has never forgotten what she is best at – singing. Apart from the new hits "Desert Oasis," "Pilgrimage" and "Destined Half," the album also collects the theme songs for The Revertible End, Romancing in Thin Air, Blind Detective and Kick Ass Girls.